Why LinkedIn? – For Lead-IN or Personal Brand-INg?

Are you super active on LinkedIn? How often do you open your account? 

For what purpose do you use LinkedIn? 

  • Consuming content
  • Generating leads for your business
  • Networking with like-minded people
  • Finding your dream company
  • Hiring the right talent
  • Finding investors

What’s your approach towards that? Do you directly tell what you want or create some value before asking something?

We know that LinkedIn is a platform where professionals hang out, right?

The traditional approach towards LinkedIn.

  1. Came across some profile
  2. Send connection request (without any personalised note)
  3. If they connect, boom starts with selling our services to them

Do you think people are waiting for our non-personalised sales pitch? No, right?

There’s a process and subtle way to approach people over LinkedIn. We haven’t yet leveraged its all superpowers.

Let’s do that!

People don’t look at how many connections do we have. Instead, they look at our profile – is there something in it for them?

They look at what type of content you post. The comments you make on other people’s content.

These are the touchpoints, people are looking for on LinkedIn to build trust in you.

So if you want to win hearts and leads, start with optimising your profile – figuring out the game plan – setting out the right target audience – approach them with the right message – genuinely add value to them – win their trust – you have a lead waiting for you!

This is not a Rocket-Science, though! But, there’s a strategic approach to deal with this ever-changing platform…

We have built a LinkedIn Organic Growth Model, wherein you’ll be generating quality leads & inquiries with very little effort.

We would be taking over your LinkedIn profile, do some magic and hack all the algorithms and give you a community that wants to do business with you.

Would you like to try that for your business growth?

Also, I would like to ask you something:

What would you prefer –

  • 20-30 follow-ups with 1-2% conversions only
  • Or 5-10 quality inbound inquiries & conversions

You would not like to take follow-ups in quantity & end up with no results. we’ll help you get only quality leads following our process made by hacking LinkedIn algorithms.

Being connected to LinkedIn for 2 years now, we’re pretty sure this is the right fit for you.

I’m on a journey of impacting 10 Entrepreneurs/Professionals like you by doing Free LinkedIn Strategy Calls.

If you want to generate leads for your business or hire the right talent or find your dream company to work for – We’re here to find a solution!

Let’s connect & kickstart your success 😎

We’ll help you build a personal brand – build communities – generate results for yourself using LinkedIn!

The bottom line is –

This platform is under-utilised to date. If we crack some hacks, we would be able to leverage the benefits. Yes, the point here is not to spam others & affect their experience, the more you make them feel good, the more they trust you.

Are you ready to use it actively for your game?

Feel free to contact us, if you want to understand more about it – https://awesome-leader-4345.ck.page/e2909a378a

Comment your learnings/experience with LinkedIn!


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