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When you follow your heart, there’s nothing to regret 😇

Recently, I have got into a new addiction (high) of watching various advertising campaigns – how top brands are showcasing themselves & creating their positioning in the industry.

I came across this series-form campaign of Tata Tea Gold by Pocket Aces (FilterCopy) and learned so much from that 13 min piece.

Firstly, I just loved their campaign title – Dil Ki Suno Stories…🤩

It taught me 3 important things that resonated with me directly –

1. Build your Identity with what you believe

2. Follow your Heart, you’ll never Regret

3. Emotional + Apt. Storytelling aspect (that drove me till the end)

Watch this video and let me know what do you feel?

I welcome myself again, in the world of Marketing & Advertising!

What are your thoughts?


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