I am an Author Now!

Walking on this journey of business, digital marketing, branding, personal branding; I came to a point where I feel that all my knowledge & experiences should be documented for the ones who’re just starting up with their career journey!

With a fulfilling heart, I would like to express a bit about my aspiration that I am working on – The book I am planning to write! Yes, yes; I am turning into an author…

This book will teach us to become an entrepreneur with the help of having a strong personal brand in a particular niche.

It’ll cover the idea of how to build your personal brand using different hacks, tricks, approaches, techniques, processes, platforms and tools that leaves a legacy even after the person is gone.

It all starts with an introduction stating all the benefits of building a personal brand for an entrepreneur or any professional – the process – selecting the niche – building a community by creating content – adding value to the members – starting up with a business/career.

The more you earn the trust of people, the more success you achieve! If they trust you, you’ll be an influential person in their lives in taking up important purchase decisions.

I had learned the most insightful lesson about this in a podcast – If you have 1 mn members in your community, then you already are a millionaire. How? If every one of them invests Re. 1 into you. 

This book is a manifestation of what I have learned in personal branding – Writing a book will lead me to a better position in my personal branding!

Are we ready to take that step ahead to move in that direction and create a successful journey for ourselves?

This book will help you with that!


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