LinkedIn: One Stop Solution for Networking & Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing
LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn has been called the world’s largest professional network. 

Agree to it? We do, too!


If we want – 

  • To hire an employee, the very first eye goes to LinkedIn! 
  • To find a job, we try our luck on LinkedIn! 
  • To do professional research on a person, we stalk him on LinkedIn! 

Enough of preaching about it, let’s talk business now! 

How about using it for generating B2B leads? Of course, we can… 

Now you can find clients/customers on the platform. 

But how? 

Through LinkedIn B2B Marketing – You’re a business, you’re finding another business to do business with. 

Let’s understand the process, in detail: 

  1. You should have an updated and optimised profile for better searchability.
  2. Make connections with your target audience only. (Don’t add random people, to increase connections)
  3. Create relevant content for them and build trust within them. 
  4. Talk to them you’re doing all this for them – ask them how are they liking your content, follow up with the pitch, ask them to get on a call, etc. 
How to Optimise your LinkedIn Profile:
  • Name – Name as you would like it to be seen on LinkedIn
  • Profile Photo – Professional | No Full Body Shots | Clear & Crisp
  • Cover Photo – Event Photo (You Speaking) | Team Photo | About your Profession | Social Proof
  • Headline/Title – What you do | Your Mission Statement | Achievements | Personal Touch
  • Contact Info – Phone Number | Website URL | Email Address 
  • Open to Work – If Looking for a Work, Switch this On with all the Work Titles you want to work. 
  • Providing Services – If you’re a Service Provider, mention all the Services here. 
  • Summary/About – “Professional Journey that highlights how you can help your targeted Clients or Employer or Employee achieve something meaningful and then Invite them to contact you. P.S. Add Contact Info and a CTA”
  • Featured Links – URLs of places where you want your LinkedIn audience to visit – Website | Work Profile | Resume | Sample Works | Podcast | YouTube Channel
  • Experience – Summary of your Responsibilities and what you took away from the experience – Include Links, PDFs, Decks of Projects, Case Studies that you contributed 
  • Education – Add the Schools, Colleges + Degrees & Courses + Dates
  • Skills – Add a list of up to 50 keywords (Make sure it’s directly related to what you’re looking for as of now)
  • Accomplishments – Awards | Honors 
  • Publications – Add any Publications, Articles, or Journals that you have contributed to or been mentioned in.
  • Interests – Like/Follow Pages/Profiles that adds value to your knowledge. (This’ll help you reach your common interest people) 
  • Endorsements – People can Endorse us for our Skills. 
  • Recommendation – People can Recommend us for our Work – Testimonial 

How to Target the Right Audience: 

Who’s your right target for your business? Firstly, figure that out. For that, you need to research and create a Buyer’s Persona – a detailed description of how your customer should be. 

Find them on LinkedIn using LinkedIn search or some free or paid tools and connect with them with a personalised note. 

What to write in a personalised note?

Write something in common between you and the candidate.

Give a compliment.

But yes, talk about him/her only. Don’t try to boast everything about yourself.

Building connections with the right audience allows you to show content to the right people & getting a response from them. 

How to Create Content: 

It’s more than just finding the right people, pitching them right away and get a positive response. 

The whole process stands on how we nurture our prospective candidates – by putting out the right content for them, writing empathising messages to them, not spamming them…

For a candidate to respond, we need to get him on a Funnel with our content and messages – From Top of the Funnel to the Middle to the Bottom…

  1. Top of the Funnel – He is not aware of what you do. Educate him 
  2. Middle of the Funnel – He knows about the industry and the business you’re in. Engage with him. 
  3. Bottom of the Funnel – He knows everything and seems interested to know more. Now is the time to sell to him. 

Before creating any content or writing an inbox message, figure out where the candidate is, in the funnel. And accordingly, drive him towards the sell. 

Content Marketing Funnel: 

  1. For Top of the Funnel, you can create Blogs, Podcasts, Infographics, Videos – To create awareness within the audience
  2. For Middle of the Funnel, you can write White Papers, Case Studies, Free Guides, Worksheets – To build a trust-filled relationship
  3. For Bottom of the Funnel – you can create content based on Testimonials from customers, Webinars, Courses – To drive the conversion 

This article is a Top of the Funnel content, where-in I am touching upon the basics of LinkedIn Marketing; to create awareness about this side. 

Don’t forget to proofread your content using tools. Because, if the reader seems to be a Grammar Nazi – he/she might boycott you, then you might lose on the community! 

What Next? – Talk to them: 

Networking helps you win this game. This is where LinkedIn stands for. 

We tend to forget the fact that it’s a Social Media Platform only. 

On which, we socialise but sophistically and professionally. We post suit pictures there. 

Network with the right kind of people allows us to get what we want. Random actions might affect your reputation. Spend some time, research and then reach out. 

And, most importantly without regular follow-ups, you might lose the well-nurtured candidates. 

The best practice is to give a reminder by way of taking follow-ups on a timely basis gives you space where you can enter. 

This is how you Meet-Greet-Earn clients. 

Time taking it seems… Right?

Here, you could hire someone for the process or just outsource it to a LinkedIn Marketing Agency

Some agencies can help you do this process and generate quality leads for your business. 

How about investing some percentage of your money and earn the best returns out of it. Fair deal, right?

You must be thinking who has all the time doing all of this, right? Not to worry – Automation has played its role to scale these activities up, you don’t have to sit and write to each and everyone, there are tools that can become a digital version of YOU and does all of this on your behalf. We are the happy users of Expandi for our clients.

It has streamlined all of our monotonous tasks like sending personalised connection requests at scale, talking to them and engaging with their content. It plays within the purview of LinkedIn Policies.

The Bottom Line: 

LinkedIn has been untouched by most professionals, yet it’s the most effective one when it comes to professional networking. 

Leverage its superpowers and become a powerful brand in your niche. 

Let’s keep it simple – Find the right people, connect to them, create content for them and talk to them – you’re a powerful brand, within your industry. 

Want to build a successful career? 

Make LinkedIn your Best Friend! 

Not just for finding customers, you can find your mentor there. The way I came across my Digital Mentor – Deepak Kanakaraju. Since he’s super digital, he’s known as Digital Deepak. 

Are you on LinkedIn? If yes, for what purpose are you on it?

Comment down your thoughts for the same.


P.S. I’m on a journey of impacting 10 professionals like you by doing Free LinkedIn Strategy Calls – 1 down, 9 more to go! 

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