Community – UNITe for the COMmon purpose!

We all are totally aware of that a man/woman is a social animal. We socialise!

The moment we’re born, we enter into some or the other communities – the religion, the gender, the caste, etc…

But these are the communities, we didn’t choose. Now is the time, we have the choice to enter into the communities of which we want to be a part of.

Had a call with the well-experienced founder of a Marketing & Advertising agency this afternoon. He simply said that they’re not generating leads or doing any marketing, they’re building communities of people who believe in them.

This blog is about a quick conversation between the founder and me…

Would like to know about your career journey. 

– I started walking on the career journey some 11 years back, have worked with various industries from Finance, Technology, Marketing, to Healthtech…

– Being in this ever-changing field, something caught me that I should focus on – Marketing is nothing but Building Communities! 

– Have worked with all sizes of companies now – from startups to larger scale manufacturing companies as an employee or an agency.

What’s your say on the Power of LinkedIn on building your personal brand? 

– LinkedIn is the playground on which I am playing around. Since professionals hang out there, I try to put my point to grab their attention and drive them to enter my community.

– We use LinkedIn to research about our prospective clients – Their culture, what do they post, their brand awareness…

– We leverage LinkedIn for Content Creation, Cold Outreaching, Business Development, Learning about other businesses…

How do you manage the time to create content and manage business at the same time? 

– I believe that in order to build a brand & community – you should have something to talk about… Here comes the content creation! Content creation is something which resonates with my purpose, so I spend my morning to create content for our business, every single day (even if it’s a Sunday)!

One can seek help from an external agency, but creating content is really important to build communities.


So, the bottom line here is it’s not about creating a brand or market a product/service, it’s all about building communities who’ll help you do all these things.

To start with any marketing activity, start with knowing the client and then understand more about their target audience – What they do, believe in, where they hang out… Then, build the plan to reach out to them.

From now on, my goal is to serve my clients by building communities for them and then think about the marketing and selling. Then it becomes easy to strategise what to communicate.

If you want to win over something, build the network and leverage its benefit to the fullest.

What do you think about LinkedIn, Community, Personal Branding and Content creation? Share your thoughts! 


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